SPS machine access rights

In order to access the SPS tunnel, you must:

  • Have all the appropriate training courses.
  • Have a personal dosimeter, have registered your biometric data in the dosimeter and have followed the Radiation Protection classroom course for controlled areas.
  • Have a operational dosimeter: a temporary operational dosimeter can be taken at building 55 (the same as for the "normal" dosimeter). It should be returned at the end of the access period.
  • Have the EDH access request for the zone "SPS: SPS ring and transfer lines" approved.
  • Wear protective equipment:
    • helmet with head lamp (several of them are available at the SPS access point),
    • safety shoes (few safety shoes are available in the H8 Control Room HNA-451: 1 pair for each size from 40 to 45),
    • biocell (can be provided by Simone Montesano, if requested at least one week in advance).
  • Have a valid IMPACT number (provided Simone Montesano before each intervention).

You can check your situation on ADAMS (link is external):

  • click on "My Accesses"
  • look for the line "SPS ring and transfer lines"
  • if all the buttons are green you are ok!

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